4 Pizza Trends for 2016

Originally published in CSP Daily News
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Take a look at some upcoming trends in the pizza category for 2016!

1. Chicken toppings are gaining popularity.

Your standard meat toppings are very much alive and well (peperoni, sausage) but chicken is on the rise, especially in conjunction with different pizza sauces like buffalo or BBQ. Menu research firm Food Genius found poultry protein comes in third behind pepperoni and sausage with 57% menu mentions. At QSRs with check averages under $8, chicken popped up on 25% of pizzas, behind only pepperoni (35%) and sausage (25%). 

2. Barbecue Sauce Beats Out Tomato Sauce

The rise in the popularity of chicken-topped pizza might go hand-in-hand with the rise in barbecue-sauce-based pizzas. In fact, BBQ chicken pizza has become a viable go-to item alongside classics such as cheese, sausage and pepperoni. Research by Food Genius also found that “barbecued” style pizzas ranked most popular on menus nationwide, with 32% of menu share, well above classic margherita (20%), vegetarian (16%) and supreme (11%).
Other sauces to try include white sauce, or garlic-based sauce to add variety in addition to typical tomato pizza offerings.

3. Vegetarian Pizza Adds Variety 

It’s not just for vegetarians anymore. Offering vegetarian options can help draw in younger customers and women. Toppings like spinach, broccoli and eggplant bring additional flavors, colors and textures to the standard pie.
Cheese-less pizzas have also risen in popularity, made for vegan or lactose intolerant customers but enjoyed by many.

4. Breakfast Takes Over the Day

All-day breakfast doesn’t just include breakfast sandwiches and cereal. Breakfast pizzas, topped with anything from traditional pineapple to eggs, bacon and sausage, are gaining in popularity as well. Breakfast calzones stuffed with eggs, meat and cheese help further bridge the gap between traditional breakfast sandwiches and pizza. 

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