5 Ways to Build Food Into Your Store Design

How to use store design to boost foodservice sales

Originally Published at CSPdailynews.com

Price, quality, variety and freshness: These are often the most common reasons consumers give for not visiting convenience stores for foodservice.

But a more complex obstacle exists.

“Perhaps the biggest deterrent is that for many consumers, c-stores just aren’t on their radar,” said Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights at Chicago-based Technomic. Fifty-one percent of consumers told Technomic that they simply don’t think to visit convenience stores for fresh prepared food.

A key way to overcome that hurdle, posits Technomic, is store design.

Consumers’ feedback of the renderings generated a handful of key takeaways for Technomic, Chute Gerdeman and C-Store Foodservice Forum attendees.

  1. Made-to-order isn’t the only—or even the best—way to convey freshness and taste. The respondents rated the self-serve format quite favorably and, likewise, hot and cold food bars received high marks for speed and convenience as well as freshness. The ability to get up close and personal with the food was important to respondents—something you can’t do with made-to-order programs.
  2. Make signage clear and helpful. Ensure customers know where to go to order and pick up food and find condiments, particularly for made-to-order programs.
  3. Offer a variety of seating. Consider both high and low tables, seating conducive to solo diners, and even a lounge area if it makes sense for your offering and clientele. Outdoor seating and eating bars next to windows also were positive attributes for respondents, as were seating layouts near condiment and beverage stations.
  4. Spaciousness is important. Don’t cram your space with seating and service areas, but also take a good, hard look at what percent of your total store sales are from foodservice. Are there retail products that aren’t doing well that you could eliminate to make more room for foodservice?
  5. Follow the trifecta of good store design. Create a warm and welcoming area, convey cleanliness, quality and freshness, and maintain speed and convenience. These three elements should be the bedrock of any food-forward c-store design.

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