Add Revenue Through an ATM Smart Topper

It’s time to dust off your old ATM and give it a makeover.

In the ever evolving age we live in, the digital revolution is applying to just about everything. Now, it’s coming to your convenience store ATM. 

The demand for ATMs is just as high as it has always been. Now, C-stores are being given a chance to capitalize on more business opportunities. This time, the ATM service provider, International Cash Systems, is attaching a digital monitor to an ATM in order to boost C-store sales.

“The idea was to develop digital signage that would transform a static cash machine into a imagistic money-making machine that would serve as a means to increase foot traffic and in-store sales by drawing customers who needed to complete cash withdrawals. The display toppers that he envisioned could accommodate digital graphics and video for store promotions, public messaging and other uses—all in a space of two feet above the ATM.”

President of International Cash Systems, Mark Newman, describes this space as a new vertical source of revenue.

C-store owners can use this space to run scheduled ads that would promote breakfast foods and snacks in the morning and lunch and daily specials at later hours.

The digital ATM is being tested throughout the state of Ohio and can be found at 14 Schafer Oil stores.

“Bruce Renard, executive director of the National ATM Council, agreed that advertising via an ATM digital topper is an attractive option from several perspectives: the visual appeal does compute to increased usage and transactions; it can provide messaging both for persons who are using the ATM & also for general store traffic; and it affords a platform for other types of advertising/new potential revenue stream for ATM operators.”

On top of the in-store promotions that the ATM could display, the idea of outside advertisement to bring in additional revenue became a realization. Businesses around the local area could essentially pay for ad space on the ATM, creating a partnership between companies.

“I do see it as a future opportunity for growth/diversification in the retail ATM space,” Renard said.


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