C-Store retailers increase employee benefits

Southern convenience retailer RaceTrac is joining other retailers such as Sheetz and Wawa in the effort to increase employee benefits and create a better culture among employees.

A 2014 survey asked RaceTrac employees to provide feedback as to what they want to see out of an employer. RaceTrac has now responded and is revamping the company culture. Their goals include increasing employee compensation, increasing loyalty and restructured staffing.

“More than 80% of our team members provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about our unique, fun culture,” said Allison Moran, CEO of RaceTrac. “However, some opportunities also came to light. Our Store Support Center (SSC) team members expressed a desire for revised leave policies while our retail teams shared insights on compensation, dress code, staffing structure and on-the-job perks. We took action and created an internal HR taskforce to drive policy changes that addressed the feedback specific to each group.”

Per the survey, one of the stronger suggestions was gear towards time-off requests for major life events. RaceTrac listened, and is now changing their policies to help employees deal with these life events.

“Team members will have access to paid parental leave after one year of service. Primary caregivers are eligible for eight weeks of paid leave at 100% while secondary caregivers are eligible for two weeks of paid leave at 100%.”

Other changes to RaceTrac include an increase of pay on average between 50-cent to $1.25-per-hour, the ability to staff locations as managers see fit, discounts on food items, and the freedom to dress has an individual while maintaining a professional approach.

“RaceTrac’s goal is to be an employer of choice that identifies, develops and retains strong, well-trained, servant leaders,” said Whitney Woodward, vice president of human resources at RaceTrac.

RaceTrac has currently expanded its stores to over 400 across several southern states.

For an in-depth look at the RaceTrac changes, visit the link below.

Source: How RaceTrac Is Enhancing Employee Benefits 

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