Customers Seeking Fresh Snack Options

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Fresh-perimeter shoppers are looking for higher-quality, fresh, and less-processed options for their snacking needs, creating opportunities for bakery, deli, dairy, foodservice and cheese departments to capture a larger share of consumer in-store purchases, according to What's in Store 2016, the annual trends research report published by the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA).

Other findings found in the book's Eating Trends section include:

  •  56% of Americans snack three or more times a day, up from approximately 20% in the 1990s.
  • Protein continues to be a top source of nutrition, with one-quarter of shoppers seeking protein information on product nutrition labeling.
  • Sales of gluten-free foods grew almost 35% from 2009 to 2015, with future sales expected to exceed $2 billion by 2019.
  • Trending food and cooking movements include ethnic fusion, Peruvian, fermentation and foraging.

"Fresh" continues to be an important food-buying consideration, especially among millennials. While all generations want information, millennials take a big-picture view when deciding what to buy; they love a good story that allows them to personally connect with a brand or product. They seek fresh, rather than processed foods; food made with natural ingredients is one of the top food drivers for them. 

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Source: "Customers Seeking Fresh Snack Options." Convenience Store News, 22 Jan. 2016. Web. 8 Mar. 2016.

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