Health & Wellness Trends and Strategies for the Convenience Store Sector

Research Highlights and Suggested Strategies

Originally published by NACS online. Research completed by Hudson University in association with NACS. 

Hudson University (commissioned by NACS) has outlined health and wellness trends in their latest research for the convenience store sector. Their research has examined the American consumer and the impacts of these trends on the c-store market, specifically.

They found that the importance of health and wellness, particularly better-for-you food offerings, has moved further into the mainstream. In fact, this research has shown that 75% of consumers say that consuming a healthy diet is important to living a healthy lifestyle. This points to an area with a large opportunity for growth in the convenience store industry.

Here are some key insights from the NACS research:

  • A growing number of the U.S. population believes is it extremely important to “lead a healthy, and balanced lifestyle.”
  • 75% of consumers say that consuming a healthy, nutritious diet is important in how they achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Consumers are more aware of food labels, and are primarily concerned with calories, sugar, sodium and total fat.
  • Convenience store shoppers report consuming more healthy food items, such as vegetables, fruits and healthy snacks compared to a year ago. At the same time, they note a decrease in their consumption of less healthy products, such as high fat foods, fast food meals and regular (sugarsweetened) soda
  • More consumers are looking for food options that are convenient and healthy.

Suggested strategies to grow better-for-you sales:

  • C-stores must understand that solely catering to their declining core audience is not a growth strategy.
  • Augment traditional c-store items with better-for-you items to appeal to a wider and rapidly growing audience.
  • Easy to access foodservice options present an opportunity to capitalize on consumers’ desire to eat healthier more often and overcome their current barriers.
  • Find opportunities to visibly highlight healthier options and nutrition information with point-of-sales materials and merchandising to guide and educate consumers.

Read the full report here

Source: Hudson University. Health & Wellness Trends and Strategies for the Convenience Store Sector. Publication. Comp. NACS. NACS, 2015.

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