Important Legislative Actions In Maryland

Important Legislative Actions In Maryland

Important Legislative Actions In Maryland

Proposed Cigarette and Smokeless Flavor Bans

Proposed Cigarette and Smokeless Flavor Bans Could Cost Maryland Nearly a Quarter Billion Dollars in Revenues with Little Effect on Youth Usage

Maryland’s Legislature is considering bans on menthol cigarettes and smokeless flavors that would do little to protect youth, but would create unintended consequences including the loss of close to a quarter billion dollars in revenues.

Menthol cigarette and smokeless flavor bans would do little to protect youth.

High-school usage rates are at record lows. Youth smoking in MD in 2017 was below the then-national average (8.2% v. 12.5% in 20112), and flavor bans are unlikely to affect youth initiation. Despite the prevalence of flavors, youth usage of smokeless fell sharply between 2009 and 2014.

But bans could reverse progress on youth tobacco use by driving increased contraband sales. Illicit sales by definition would fall outside legal age limits laws, retailer age verification, and voluntary actions such as We Card helping drive down youth smoking and smokeless use. The recent vaping illness (EVALI) outbreak illustrates the effects of black markets on youth.

Increased contraband sales could cost Maryland nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in lost revenues.

Cigarette smuggling already costs the state nearly $45 million annual tax revenues.

As menthol accounts for 55% of MD combustible cigarette sales and flavors 76% of moist snuff, potential lost revenue from banning their sale would amount to $248.5 million a year.


Legislators in Maryland are proposing significant tax increases on tobacco products.

Maryland lawmakers are considering massive tax increases of $2.00 per pack of cigarettes and a 56% increase on moist-smokeless-tobacco.

Tobacco retailers risk losing sales of tobacco products plus all of the other items that adult tobacco customers purchase. 

Contact your legislator and say no!

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  • Tell your trade associations
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  • Engage your adult tobacco customers to contact their legislators and stand up against these unfair proposals that undermine your business.

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