Is Fresh Fruit a Good Fit for your Store?

If you have been keeping up with the news, you will know that Americans have made it clear: healthy food options are becoming their go-to food of choice.

From a business perspective, that means your store should adapt to these changes. One way you can appeal to the change in demand is by offering fresh fruit to your store.

So let’s see if offering fresh fruit is a fit for your store.

First, you should look at your customer base. Women and millennials are seeking out “fresh” most often. Be sure you are attracting them to your location with the right food options.

Next, look at are pre-existing sales. A key indicator of health seeking customers show if you are doing a good job selling yogurt, health bars and nuts. If this is the case, you should see success adding fresh produce to your mix of items.

Another way is to look at your customer’s traffic patterns. Examine heavy-traffic day parts and demographics associated with them to find opportunities to sell produce.

Looking out at a broader perspective, your location is an additional way of examining if fresh fruit is going to be a good fit for your store.

Hot spot areas include locations near a college or university, hospital, or upscale residential area. Through research it has been determined that these areas are more likely to purchase produce. Locations are urban/rural areas are more likely to be successful with pantry sales/bulk produce.

Last, you need to examine your distributions methods. Fresh produce sales are easiest to execute with two deliveries per week.

If you believe that your store is a match for fresh fruit, now is the time to hop on broad. You promote healthy options and give your customers a sense of satisfaction when they leave your store, leaving them wanting to come back again.


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