Virtual Trade Show 2020 - Announcement

Announcing our Virtual Trade Show 2020!

With a lot of excitement, we want to share that we have decided to hold the CBW Trade Show 2020 through a virtual platform. Our top priority is the health and wellness of all involved during this pandemic. Holding the CBW Trade Show through a virtual platform allows us to ensure that we are doing all we can for the health, safety, and benefit of all involved.

The Trade Show is planned for a span of three weeks, July 19 – August 8, 2020. Please download ZiiZii Trade Show app to participate in the virtual Trade Show.

During the Trade Show, you can win exciting prizes and a Grand Prize for your participation. Please see your CBW Sales Representative to know more about the prizes.

Thank you for being a valued partner, we are looking forward for your participation.

For More Information Contact Your Sales Rep or Call 800-992-0592