Salty and Grain Bar Category Show High Summer Sales

Snacks that are either healthy or convenient (or both) are among the fastest growing in sales in c-stores. While traditional indulgences like chocolate, cookies, and chips dominate in sales, their growth rate is slower when compared to healthier options. 

Double digit growth can be seen in items such as popped popcorn, health bars and mini-brownies, which are still indulgent, but have built-in portion control. Greek yogurt and fresh-cut fruit are also among the most profitable snacks and saw a growth rate of 8.4% in 2015.

More consumers are looking towards convenience stores to make these healthier purchases, with 61% saying they feel c-stores are offering healthier, nutritious products and serving sizes. Nielsen datashows that sales of fresh fruits and vegetables in c-stores grew 10.3%, which is nearly four times the overall 2.7% growth rate of produce sales in the U.S. in 2014.

Offering healthier choices in your store can attract new customers and increase sales. 

NACS, the National Association of Convenience Stores, and Cornell University’s Food and Brand lab have developed an online toolkit to share ideas on how to grow sales of better-for-you items and deliver healthier options to customers.

Alongside our health choices, consumers are shifting towards a grab-and-go breakfast routine.

A growing number of consumers are embracing the idea of snacking for breakfast, rather than eating a traditional meal, as well as eating foods traditionally associated with breakfast as a snack. Roughly one-quarter of consumers snack in the morning instead of having a full meal. This is even more prevalent among younger adults and those with children in the household.

This trend will result in an increase in breakfast time sales. However, first consider the implications before offering all-day breakfast, as lunch and dinner sales may show negative effects. Consumers may cut back on other daypart purchases as a result of the morning buys. Since lunch and dinner items are typically higher priced, the risks may outweigh the benefits. 



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