The Importance of Merchandising

Successful category management draws on the latest industry trends, leverages available data, and makes fact-based decisions to ensure the optimal assortment is presented to the consumer. This guarantees the Right Products are in the Right Place, at the Right Time, and at the Right Price.

When building a plan-o-gram, do not analyze on an item level, but on a category level. For example; if you are looking at a cookie set and have 10 different versions of chocolate chip, you may need to remove some of the redundant flavors and add more variety (such as peanut butter). This will likely gain a customer you otherwise would not have sold to.plan-o-gram

Cooper-Booth Wholesale uses category management best practices when building all of our Plan-O-Grams. Proper assortment is key, and we know that our POGs must have the core, top-selling, items and be supplemented with new and innovative items to add excitement to the offering.

We use multiple data sources to offer best-in-class plan-o-grams. Not only is in-house sales data evaluated, but insights are gleaned from vendor partners and industry data to pick up on the latest trends, shopper insights, and brand analysis.

Merchandising directly influences approximately two-thirds of all sales, making it one of the most important factors leading to a sale.

When done effectively, merchandising is the “silent salesperson” that will draw consumers to merchandise and displays, ultimately leading to purchases. In turn, should increase sales and profits.

The key components to consider when merchandising your store are:Snack Shelves

• Forming the path-to-purchase with destination and impulse categories in mind
• Encourage cross-selling by creating adjacencies; ex. pastries near coffee
• Creating categories; keeping like items together to improve “shopability”
• Utilizing POP displays in high-impulse areas such as near the register or on the way to the restrooms

Make sure you are checking our website or Storefront often for the most up-to-date POGs to ensure your store has the best mix. Our POGs are updated a minimum of once a quarter, and many categories are updated more frequently than that.

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