The Sale of Health & Beauty Products in the C-Store Channel is Up!

To be successful and realize growth in the HBA category in today’s convenience store, we need to commit to the category and not treat it as an afterthought shopped only for emergencies. Data shows that, millennials in particular, are starting to consider c-stores a destination to shop for Health & Beauty items.

Carrying a proper assortment, year round and not just during cold and flu season, will prove to customers they can count on finding the products they need on a regular basis.

Some of the trends seen in the convenience channel as of late include:

•  The decline in sales of baby care items
•  An increase in purchases of make-up type products, such as flavored lip balms in trendy containers
•  Antacids have started to evolve; adding products that have “ultra” or “advanced” properties
•  There is a growing group that views c-stores as a destination to “stock up”, which is contrary to the traditional view of the c-store, but times are changing and this trend opens up the opportunity for growth of full-sized products

The trend towards full-sized products has opened another door in the c-store channel; private label.

• Studies show 60% of Americans purchase private label when shopping for over the counter medications
• The HBC category went from a 1.3% loss, to a 3.4% gain, year-over-year in 2015.
• Growth in vitamins came in at 6.8% and analgesics were up 5.1%. All segments of HBC great in 2015, with the exception of family planning and feminine hygiene.

Source: Convenience Store News Destination HBC, Aug. 2016 and Convenience Store News On the Rebound July 2016.


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