Tips for Keeping a Spotless Reputation

We spend a lot of energy focusing on plan-o-grams, foodservice, and the interior merchandising of our stores, but we sometimes forget the first step in attracting a customer is the exterior of our store. If the first impression is a bad one, the inside of our store is irrelevant, because the customer will never step foot inside.

A few things to consider with regard to upkeep of your store’s exterior:

• Make sure your store’s sign is visible and has a modern feel to it. Signage that is out of date or fading can give customers the impression the interior will be the same

.• Ensure that your parking lot is clean, free of debris, and well-lit. A clean and well-lit parking lot can make shoppers feel safe, attracting customers like women with children

• Keep windows “open” as well; too many signs or stickers can prevent customers from seeing inside the stores, an important aspect of feeling safe for many customers.
• If landscaping is present, make sure it is well maintained.


After you have taken care of the exterior, you should move your focus to the restrooms. 95% of shoppers indicated that unclean restrooms and unpleasant odors would influence their shopping decisions and c-stores that spruce up their facilities often reap the benefits in more sales and loyalty. In one independent study, one out of every ten customers walking into the store visited the restroom .

Also on the list of factors that influence their shopping decisions were dirty floors, spills and stains. Cleanliness becomes even more important if you offer prepared food. Often, customers associate clean bathrooms with overall quality of a store and ability to deliver food safely.
Some convenience store chains have taken their attention to the restrooms to another level by enhancing them with contemporary fixtures that create an upscale image.


A little time invested in these “housekeeping” duties can make a huge impression on your customers and could be the difference between a one-time visit and a loyal, repeat customer.

Source: Convenience Store News, Jan 2016, A Clean Slate.


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