Top Trends for Food and Drink in 2017

1. Tradition or “Ancient” Influence

In 2017 we will start to see manufactures take familiar bases and add innovative twists, pulled from age-old formulas, flavors or formats. Consumers will be open to these products due to the trust they have in something recognizable and familiar. Examples include cold brew coffee from a beverage side, or using ancient grains to create new products from a food side. 

2. Plant-Based Focus

More and more plant based and vegetarian foods will be introduced in 2017, playing into our desire to eat more natural foods with simple ingredients. The focus will move to fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, etc. and even to plant-based alternatives to existing animal products.

3. Repurposing

Manufactures will place more focus on using food products that in the past would have gone to waste. They will incorporate them into new products to slightly minimize their contribution to the wasteful society we can sometimes be. For example; fruit snacks made from “ugly” fruit and mayonnaise made from the liquid from packaged chickpeas.

4. Saving Time

Consumers will begin to look for products that are not only fresh, but also come in convenient formats. The time required, or saved, to receive, prepare and consume meals will become an important consideration when making purchase decisions.

5. The Night Shift

As our lives become busier and busier, we have a harder time winding down at night and falling asleep. In 2017 we will start to see food and drink marketed as a way to relax before bed, incorporating ingredients such as chamomile, lavender and other herbs into foods such as chocolate.

6. Balancing The Scales

Healthy food and drink will no longer be considered “luxuries” but will be marketed to, and accessible by, lower-income consumers. More campaigns and innovations are to be expected that will make it easier for lower-income consumers to fulfill their healthy ambitions, including apps to help people make use of ingredients that are on sale.


Source: Six Food & Drink Trend That Will Define 2017. November 18, 2016.

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