FAQ: About a Premier Membership

What is the relationship between Cooper-Booth and Premier?

Cooper-Booth is an authorized distributor for Premier for convenience items, foodservice and coffee. Cooper-Booth distrubutes to the following channels within Premier: Acute Care Gift Shops, Physician’s offices, Colleges, and Universities and traditional Convenience Stores.  Premier negotiates offerings from CBW on behalf of its participants.

What is the advantage of becoming a Premier Member with Cooper-Booth?

Some advantages are:

  1. Immediate savings on your foodservice expenditures through deviated pricing from manufacturers.
  2. Greater control and predictability of costs due to the thorough negotiations during the contracting process.
  3. Leveraging of your purchasing power to positively influence quality, labor, revenue or other concerns of your management staff.
  4. Merchandising tools for effective store planning and management.
  5. Ability to focus on internal goals and initiatives in the purchasing department while allowing the Premier contracting team to negotiate national contracts on the participants’ behalf.
  6. Recieve a full-line of products in one singular order. 

What purchasing categories are included in the program?

  • Non-refrigerated food and snack items
  • Coffee
  • Food Service
  • General Merchandise items
  • Health and Beauty Care items
  • Institutional paper supplies
  • Cleaning/chemical supplies

What additional resources are available to the public agencies, in addition to the items available to purchase?

Cooper-Booth offers merchandising solutions such as store layout suggestions and consumer insights on top items for members’ benefits.

How do I place an order with Premier/Cooper-Booth?

You must be a registered participant with Premier to utilize the Premier Contract with Cooper-Booth. If you are not registered with Premier, enroll here.

If you are already registered with Premier, you can begin your account set-up with Cooper-Booth. The Cooper-Booth team will contact you once your account is finalized and give you everything you need to begin purchasing. 

Orders are placed online through ZiiZii.