Innovative. Trendy. Simple. Guaranteed.

Innovative. Trendy. Simple. Guaranteed.

All Items are 100% Guaranteed

Introducing our New General Merchandise Program: now FULLY GUARANTEED! Choose from 3 simple options to make sure you are not missing out on one of the most profitable categories in your store.



  Big Ticket Rack Program;
  Commitment through May 2017 required




How it works:

1. SIGN UP: Fill out the sign-up sheet for the 2017 program
2. RECEIVE: With your first shipment of product, you will also be sent a merchandising rack, free of charge
3. SELL: Place products on the rack and watch your profits roll in
4. RECEIVE: 6 weeks later, you will receive a new shipment of on-trend items for your rack
5. RETURN: This new shipment is your cue to return what is remaining on the rack; simply box the items up and send them back to CBW

 It’s as easy as that. There is no need to worry about choosing new items each cycle, an assortment of novelty tech and smoking accessory items will automatically be sent right to your store. These assortments are proven sellers based on industry research and best of all, they are 100% guaranteed!




  Prebook Program;
  No commitment required

You don’t have to commit to the program in order to receive on-trend merchandise! Order at your own pace during our ordering window.  You choose the items you like from our four-choice  selection (order just one, or order all four!) and you will be shipped the items in accordance to the schedule. At the end of the 6-week cycle, simply return any items you have not sold, making room for your next choices. Items will be announced through email and on our website. All items are 100% guaranteed!




  Combine it!


If you sign up for the Big Ticket Rack program, you can supplement your auto-shipments with items from our prebook offerings. Look for new product announcements every 6 weeks through email, our website, or your inside sales representative.


Take a look at our Product Schedule for 2017!



For More Information Contact Your Sales Rep or Call 800-992-0592