Soup Programs Available

Soup Programs Available

Soups by Chef Francisco

With soup season quickly approaching, make sure your store is ready to accommodate all of your soup-searching customers. Adding a soup program to your product mix will give your customers a variety of options for food and at all day-parts. Combine it with sandwiches, or as a meal in itself to keep your customers coming back for more.

Available in both frozen tub and bag formats, Heinz Soups are great as is or are easily customizable to create exceptional signature soups. Simply reconstitute and heat or heat and serve. Their speed, versatility, consistent quality, and fresh-made taste are just what today’s operations demand.

Cooper-Booth has partnered with Chef Francisco at Heinz to offer your store delicious soup that requires little effort to make. Scroll down to view all of the options or download the PDF file below.

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Download Soup Programs Available Product Details (pdf)