4 Things to Know for a Profitable Breakfast Program in Cstores

If you are considering adding foodservice or looking to adjust your focus, breakfast is the place to start. Here’s why:

Breakfast hold the largest foodservice trafficBreakfast Sandwich

According to a Video Mining study, the breakfast day-part holds the highest percentage of in-store buyers at 28%. Having a well-rounded breakfast program can capture all of the different preferences of your customers.  While the market basket price is the lowest of all the day parts, there are plenty of ways to help increase these purchases. You can increase their market basket size by paring your breakfast foods with coffee. Offering a breakfast special can help add value to breakfast consumers and also entice coffee drinkers to fuel up for an extra dollar or two.

Prepare a variety of protein

A popular buzzword within the food industry right now is “Protein.” In a health conscious society, high protein diets have been a standard for a large amount of the population. Not only is it crucial to have a variety of breakfast options, but variety in protein within the breakfast foods as well. This includes preparing your egg sandwiches with sausage, ham, bacon or combinations of all of them.

There is a demand for breakfast in Cstores

In a study performed by Kellogg, 47% of consumers are looking for hot breakfast options to pair with their coffee. With the addition of a sandwich warmer, you can create breakfast sandwiches of all varieties and keep them hot and ready for consumers. The study also searched for the top five reasons they purchase breakfast from Cstores. The list goes as follows:
• Need a quick bite or option
• Something to hold them over
• Something while shopping
• Morning energy or fuel
• Traveling to work or school

Be creative

As we experience the blurring of dayparts within the convenience store, a bit of creativity to your menu will go a long way. One interesting fact collected by Technomic’s MenuMonitor data showed a 7.7% increase of breakfast pizza on menus in one year.  There is also a high increase in Mexican-infused breakfast dishes including breakfast burrito. “Menu callouts of Mexican breakfast dishes climbed 19% year-over-year, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor data.”

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