Management Information Reports

Management Information Reports

Valuable Reporting On Profitability, Vendors, Ranking And More

Price Change Reports

Show all price changes by item.

Velocity Profitability Reports

Show all items purchased by category, month-to-date and year-to-date. These reports can be combined for chain accounts summarizing information of all your retail locations.

Custom Vendor Report

Provides movement for the week, month or year of a specific vendor which is useful in qualifying and reporting for vendor accrual/incentive programs.

Service Level Report

Tracks the Cooper-Booth Wholsale service level per order, unauthorized items ordered, unavailable items, discontinued items and out-of-stocks.

Ranking Reports

Shows the ranking of the top-selling retail products in each category. This allows you to merchandise your shelves with the fasting-moving and profitable items.

Comparative Velocity Reports

Ranks what you order against all items we distribute — allowing you to see what top items you might be missing.

Business Reviews

CBW will conduct a retail business review based on the data in your velocity reports. The Business Review is a detailed graphical analysis of your c-store’s activity.

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