Management Information Reports

Valuable Reporting On Profitability, Vendors, Ranking And More

Price Change Reports

Show all price changes by item.

Velocity Profitability Reports

Show all items purchased by category, month-to-date and year-to-date. These reports can be combined for chain accounts summarizing information of all your retail locations.

Custom Vendor Report

Provides movement for the week, month or year of a specific vendor which is useful in qualifying and reporting for vendor accrual/incentive programs.

Service Level Report

Tracks the Cooper-Booth Wholsale service level per order, unauthorized items ordered, unavailable items, discontinued items and out-of-stocks.

Ranking Reports

Shows the ranking of the top-selling retail products in each category. This allows you to merchandise your shelves with the fasting-moving and profitable items.

Comparative Velocity Reports

Ranks what you order against all items we distribute — allowing you to see what top items you might be missing.

Business Reviews

CBW will conduct a retail business review based on the data in your velocity reports. The Business Review is a detailed graphical analysis of your c-store’s activity.

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