Retailer Operation Systems

Retailer Operation Systems

Cutting Edge Electronic Ordering Processes to Retail Profitability Protection

Electronic Order Entry

CBW has hand-held transmission units with scanning for bar-coded order guides and shelf tags.

Shelf Tag Maintenance

Our merchandisers and sales representatives can print shelf labels on demand with their portable printers. Tagged shelves maintain the planogram and make ordering easier.

Custom Retail Pricing

CBW can have your retail pricing show on your invoices, price labels and shelf tags.

Email Order Confirmation

Get an automatic email showing what you have ordered.

Custom Order Guides

These bar-coded guides reflect just the items you regularly order or have authorized for ordering.

Electronic Data Interchange

CBW’s computer system can process EDI transmissions using common transaction standards. Our in-house information systems department can work with you to handle your special requirements.

Retail Profitability Protection

Your retail pricing will auto- matically be recomputed on your invoice if a price change occurs.

Retail Labels

Price-marked labels can be delivered with your merchandise and stickered onto your items.

UPC Codes

UPC information is maintained on all products with the UPC appearing on the invoices.

Philip Morris Monitoring

Ensures program compliance.

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