WAM Partnership

WAM Partnership

CBW Partnership with WAM

Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co. is partnering with WAM to bring our retailers a complete c-store rebate & merchandising solution, with amazing earning potential. 

Through WAM, our retailers…

  • Earn rebates on everyday purchases
  • Earn payments on compliance purchases
  • Earn payments for racks and multi-vendor displays

Manufacturer Rebate Programs 

WAM partners with top industry vendors to make hundreds of rebate programs available to WAM retailers. These programs are detailed in an annual "prebook." Browse the rebate programs available, and choose which to participate in depending on your business' needs. 

Compliance is tracked automatically through your purchases with CBW, making it easy to get your maximum rebate.  Manufacturer Rebate Programs are available to all WAM participants.


In addition to earning rebates through everyday purchases, WAM offers a monthly promotional book - Promo$ense - that features the newest items and the best deals on top-selling products.

CBW’s experienced sales staff is committed to helping our retailers maximize sales, profits, and rebates by taking advantage of all possible opportunities through WAM.


Get started by enrolling with WAM today!

Contact your CBW Sales Representative for more information and to sign up today!

For More Information Contact Your Sales Rep or Call 800-992-0592