8 Trends That Matter for C-Stores

Retailers need to be ready to ride the waves of change or get on board for the opportunities they present. Here are some of the top retail trends affecting the convenience-store industry beyond 2018.

1. Store Count
Expansion may be slowing.

The drug channel is seeing contraction, and mass merchandisers are seeing a decline in store count related to Kmart store closings. In the supermarket channel, most of the expansion has come from niches, either on the high end—Sprouts, Whole Foods—or low end—Lidl and Aldi.

But 10 of the top 20 chains that have added the most stores in the last 10 years are convenience stores.

2. The E-Commerce "Threat"
E-commerce has seen about a $316 billion increase in sales since 2007. Comparing the “tsunami” of store closings against e-commerce growth, it’s clear which kinds of retailers have suffered the most—specialty retailers, consumer electronics, apparel, books and office supplies.

It would appear that dollar, convenience and gas would be the least likely to be impacted by e-commerce going forward.

3. Store Closings
While c-stores may be the retail channel least affected by e-commerce directly, there are also indirect effects,. Store closings in other channels can have a big influence on traffic.

If a big anchor is closing, it may decrease traffic coming by your location. store that you rely on for traffic at particular locations.

For Full List of Trends Identified by Todd Hale (Todd Hale, Nielsen consultant and principal at Cincinnati-based Todd Hale Inc.), click HERE.

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