Are You Carrying Gen Z’s Favorite Snack Brands?

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Nearly a fifth (19%) of Gen Z consumers’ favorite brands are snack and candy labels, according to a new study from syndicated research firm Ypulse.

Lets take a look at Gen Z's Top 5 Snack Brands.....

#5 Cheetos
Frito-Lay’s cheesy snack out the top five, and for good reason: Eighty-one percent of consumers said they purchase cheese snacks at retail locations, tied with nuts for the highest of any snacking type, according to Technomic’s 2018 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report.

#4 M&M's

Did you catch the flavor-voting contests? 2018's winner is.... mint!

#3 Hershey
Earlier this year, Ypulse ranked Hershey as the third most trustworthy brand among Gen Z consumers and millennials.

#2 Oreo
Is there anything that Oreo doesn't pair well with? The brand frequently releases creative flavors and variations.

#1 Doritos
Rap battles, heat contests, wild flavors, and more, this brand has it all. Frito-Lay’s flavored tortilla chips are Gen Z consumers’ favorite snack brand!

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