Beverages are getting a Protein Power-Up!

Protein shakes are no longer just for gym-goers and body-builders. Every-day consumers are looking for products that will give them health benefits, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost.

Of course the classic "protein shake" is now available from many different companies, including Coca Cola (in partnership with BodyArmor), Optimum Nutrition, and Soylent. Shakes are milk-based and are commonly found in Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry, and Coffee Flavors.

However, due to the increase in demand for alternative sources of protein, other options are rising in popularity.

Muscle Milk has launched a new line of protein smoothies, made with Greek yogurt and fruit flavors. If you want to stray away from dairy entirely, Nescaf and Ripple are both launching protein drinks with derived from plants. Nescaf produces coffee drinks boosted by plant protein from oats and almond butter, and Ripple derived their milk from peas.

Lastly if you're looking to avoid the denseness of a milk or milk-substitute drink, Foundation Fitness now offers Protein Water, and Optimum Nutrition offers Isopure, which boasts zero carbs.

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