Breakfast, Health, and More: A Continued Trend Update

August is already here. As quick as the months come and go, so do the trends in the convenient store world.

Throughout 2016, we’ve seen a rise in food service options. More C-stores continue to follow this trend as the year continues.

Pork Sandwiches

One type of food service option that is separating itself from the pack is the classic pork sandwich.

Pork sandwiches, especially barbecue-inspired options, offer patrons an indulgent sandwich option that stands out among the standard chicken and deli sandwiches normally found at c-stores.

Five Star, a convenience store centrally located around Kentucky, is one chain that has taken the pork initiative. In addition to its pork chop sandwich, which was offered in a soft drink combo deal in February, the chain carries a pork tenderloin on a bun and other pork-based items.

In April, Wawa brought back Pulled Pork Hoagies for a limited time. The sandwiches were offered in two varieties: one with pickles and cheese and another with fresh vegetables.

Brand-Name Frozen Drinks

With the summer season in full swing, customers are looking for a sweet way to cool down. By partnering with well-known brands on beverage LTOs, operators can offer customers unique drinks with familiar flavors.

7-Eleven Debuted the Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee in June, which was nominated by social media followers. The chain also released the Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Slurpee in April.

In April, Cumberland Farms rolled out a limited-time f’real Cinnabon milkshake at its new-concept stores. The shake featured cinnamon roll flavoring, milk and ice cream.

Health-Focused Initiatives

The health trend is something that has been around all of 2016. With it being summer time, people are spending more time outdoors and look for a quick way to grab healthy food and keep moving.

Convenience-store operators who want to widen their customer base can augment healthful food options with programs that encourage healthy habits.

Both KwikTrip and Swiss Farms brought on dietitians to better asses the nutritional benefit of healthful offerings. The dietitians also calculate and apply nutrition labels, work to replace unhealthy food items with healthier alternatives and participate in nutrition-focused events with their communities.

At Family Express, children 12 and under can receive a free apple, banana or pear at any location. The chain is also exploring strategies to better display its healthy food options in order to make eating healthier easier for its customers.

Breakfast Handhelds

Operators should consider offering breakfast handhelds all day to attract breakfast fans beyond the morning hours and to compete with top LSRs, which have been placing a larger focus on their breakfast options.

Family Express introduced a new Double Sausage & Cheese Biscuit breakfast sandwich in April with two sausage patties and American cheese on a biscuit for a limited time as part of the company’s mobile coupon program.

Corner Store rolled out a $2.50 breakfast deal in May that includes kolaches or breakfast tacos with a choice of coffee or bottled water.


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