Candy in 2016, and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

Manufacturers are overhauling their products and focusing on simple, natural ingredients, which could reenergize the candy category. Millennials are driving this push, so evaluate your mix and have items that appeal to them.

Manufacturers are also increasingly gearing their premium products toward c-stores, which means retailers can take advantage of the growing segment of premium candy within the category.

About 80% of candy purchases happen on impulse, so make sure to create multiple interruption points throughout the store. Set premium products apart by placing them on endcaps, in addition to in-line, to draw in the consumer. In addition, use the power brands to draw consumers in, as well as bags and resealable pouches. Include kid and novelty items in sour profiles and offer seasonal products separate from the set to create fun and excitement.

King sized bars continued to show growth in 2016, however, standard continued to decline. Both pack types are important, as shown in the data below, so for 2017 make sure you are not forgetting standard.

C-Store confection purchase behavior:

•  32-37% will purchase ONLY king sized

•  37-42% will purchase king or standard 

•  24-29% will purchase ONLY standard sized

Recap of Candy From 2016:

According to IRI figures, some of the strongest c-store dollar and unit increases in non-chocolate have been among brands such as Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish.

Premium candy is growing while mainstream products are leveling off. Limited Time Only items are back. If done properly they can be very successful, best results are seen with an extension of a proven item or true innovation. Finally, gum is still not “out of the woods” as far as sales recovery.

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