Electric charging stations coming to a gas station near you

Electric cars are no longer a rarity. Hybrid and electric vehicles are now affordable for the every-day consumer, and powerful enough to keep up with traffic, so to speak.

There still is a concern with using electric vehicles, especially over long distances. An electric charge can only take a car so far; drivers are unlikely to start a long distance trip if they can’t be sure of charging locations along their way.

Luckily for travelers, there is a rapid increase in the amount of charging stations appearing across the US, with a high concentration of them appearing in the North East.

According to research compiled by ChargeHub, there was a 33% increase in charging points across North America in just nine months between late 2015 and 2016. The Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area has the most visible growth of charging points over that time period.

Stores that have large parking lots or stores that do a lot of fuel business should consider joining the electric charging station trend. Having a charging station will make your store a destination for the savvy traveler.

If you’re interested in finding out how to jump on board the electric train--er, car-- visit Charge Point













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