How soon is ‘too soon’ for Christmas merchandising?

If you feel like you're seeing Christmas items in stores earlier each year, you might be right. Whether or not you're a fan of the "holiday creep," it is important to stay competitive and get your merchandise out early.

How early? That's up for debate.

The majority of research (including a 2015 study by the International Council of Shopping Centers)  concludes that consumers do most of their holiday shopping in November and December. This research also notes that a growing number of shoppers are doing holiday shopping in October.

Generally, retailers find that candy sells quickly. If you want to do Christmas early, festive candy is a good bet. Some retailers even report festive candy selling faster early in the season than it does closer to Christmas. Consumers are excited about Christmas.

Most of the research points to "the earlier, the better". But how early?

Keep in mind, consumers also enjoy Halloween; another holiday that comes with a ton of merchandising. Putting out festive products after Halloween seems to settle in a happy medium between "competitive" and time sensitive.

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