How to Improve your C-store Foodservice Business

Here are a few tips to increase customer satisfaction in your convenience store’s foodservice area.

When it comes to running a convenience store, attracting customers is always priority number one. But what makes that customer return? What gives them an experience that keeps the customer happy and pushes them from the pumps, into the store? That’s right. It’s foodservice.
But what about your foodservice program should you improve to keep growing your business? Let us find out:
Foodservice Offerings at Cooper-Booth
Attract Customers with Seasonal Offerings and Marketing
At the heart of all consumers, their decisions are affected by emotions. Capturing that emotion can be tricky, but one way to capitalize on that is to align your foodservice marketing with the changing of the seasons.
For example, as fall begins to come around, consumers are still buying pumpkin spice.  And Cooper-Booth Wholesale offers not only coffee in pumpkin spice, but cappuccino and Pumpkin Spice Cakes from Coffee House Café.
Another example would be to “Warm Customers Up” with hot coffee and a snack combination. By using our in-house pump signage designs, create your seasonal sign to be displayed at the pump to help improve your pump conversions.
Breaking Down Dayparts
Consumers are shifting their appetite to include meals from the traditional day parts (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and redefining what foods are acceptable to each at a specific time of the day. The result—anything you want at any part of the day.
In our previous article, we explain, “The concept of “grazing” or eating multiple, small meals a day, is becoming the norm and plays well into the c-store offering, but has also caused the c-store dayparts to blur. These distinct divisions of the c-store selling day, defined by food offering, are no longer so distinct.”
Understand that the foodservice business within convenience stores is becoming much more accepted by the millennial and Generation Z consumers. They are more likely to buy fresh/prepared meals from c-stores. With their increasing buying power, you’re going to not want to miss out.
Don’t Let Your Food Slow Down Customers
While having items on your menu that are appealing is extremely important, it’s becoming essential that you manage your customer lines and wait time. Regardless of what food you have to offer, customers still expect the quick transactions convenience stores historically offer.
CS News reported, “Sheetz found that for both fuel- and food-focused customers, speed of service is a top driver and offers the greatest opportunity.”
It’s equally as important to not lose the quality of your food in the process of speeding up your food delivery time. Focus on the preparation of your food and ensure everything is ready to go before the customer arrives.
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