Insights: Better for You and Alternative Snacks

The global healthy foods market will hit over $1 trillion for the first time in 2017, so it is no surprise that c-stores have also latched on to this growing industry.

On average, 57% of convenience store consumers say it is important to them to find healthier options in c-stores; and luckily for them, finding better-for-you options in c-stores is now commonplace.

There also seem to be regional differences in what is important to consumers. In the Northeast low-calorie, low-fat, sugar-free, organic and gluten-free are important features, while added vitamins and minerals are not on the radar.

The word “fresh” is the most associated with “Better-For-You” products, with “all-natural” and “low-calorie” coming in second and third as most associated.

When designing signage and menus, try incorporating these buzz words to create just that, buzz.

Both unit and dollar sales increases could be seen in the alternative snacks category for the
beginning of 2016, but dollar sales are outpacing unit sales. While growth can be seen across all regions of the country, the fastest growth can be seen in the Northeast.

Products with all-natural ingredients and cool packaging and products that used to be seen online in high-end grocery and natural markets are showing up in c-stores.

Key Findings:

• Protein bars are the subcategory showing the biggest sales gains.

• Three-quarters of bars purchased are consumed in the morning, as breakfast or a morning snack.

• Meat snacks continue to hold the largest category share, accounting for 60% of all alternative snack sales in c-stores.

• The nuts and seeds category is hot, with it’s high protein content and “better-for-you” presence.

• Peanuts remain number 1, but almonds and sunflower seeds have been performing very well.

• Yogurt-covered nuts and seeds are another hot sub-category, and offer twice the protein. 

• Granola/yogurt bars make up a small portion of the total category, but are seeing strong growth.


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