Mid Summer Trend Update: Health Bars and More

The c-store retailer RaceTrac Petroleum Inc., who operates 425 c-stores in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas, has uncovered that breakfast time is no longer just for breakfast foods and that roller grill items trump doughnuts for breakfast.

According to the insights they gleaned from reviewing purchases, customers are all about caffeinated drinks in the morning; 60% purchased coffee, 26% fountain drinks and 14% energy drinks.

While some did choose pastries, three in five chose hot dogs over donuts in the morning; 16,901 roller grill items were sold in the morning compared to 9,694 doughnuts.

There are some suppliers who are blending this trend of atypical breakfast foods, but keeping a breakfast twist. For example, Jack Links has come out with “Jack Links AM” Breakfast Sausage and Breakfast Bacon meat snacks.

Health bars, protein bars, or meal replacement bars are a growing trend nation-wide. The Alternative snack segment (including meat snacks, granola, and fruit snacks) is predicted to grow 4.5% in 2017.

Health bars are the perfect combination of trends: They use simple, healthy ingredients, they are easy to eat on the go, and they are hearty enough to stick with you.





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