Preparing Your Convenience Store for Summer Promotions

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It’s an encouraging sign when retailers display summer merchandise in their stores. What kinds of summer promotional products do you offer in a convenience store and how do you determine the best merchandise mix?

children sitting on beach under umbrella, summer vacation

Keep It Cold & Fresh

  • Convenience stores have become cold beverage destinations
  • Benefit from high margins on fresh and healthy snacks in grab-and-go portions
  • Consider: pretzel and carrot cups with dips, fresh salads, seasonal produce

Keep It Fun

If your store is located near the beach or lake, you may consider stocking:

  • towels
  • beach chairs
  • boogie/skim boards

Even if you're not near the beach, consider:

  • water guns
  • coolers
  • sunglasses

Keep It HBC

Think: Suncare and Travel

  • sunscreen & after-sun care
  • lip balm
  • bug spray
  • allergy remedies
  • wetwipes & other toiletries

Keep It Regional

Get to know your customers and the types of activities they enjoy. Find out what the local scene is like and adjust offerings according to regional preferences.

  • The local weather (rain? sun? wind?)
  • The local sports (fishing? NASCAR?)


  • Your summer success depends on effective communication, including your ability to promote seasonal merchandise. Shout it from the rooftops!

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