The Female C-Store Shopper

We hear a lot about the importance of millennials in the c-store channel, but there is another demographic that plays an important role; females. Though men still shop at c-stores more than women, the gap is closing. Forty-four percent of women shop c-stores two to three times a week (compared to 48% of men) and eleven percent shop them up “almost every day” (compared to 14% of men).

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons women and men shop at c-stores:

                                                  Women     Men
• Gasoline                                     74%       72%
• Packaged Snacks                      61%       56%
• Packaged Beverage                  47%       38%
• Candy or Gum                           37%       27%
• Fountain or Frozen Beverage   36%       32%

Women tend to look for cleanliness and a feeling of safety when choosing a c-store, criteria which ranked less important for men, this is especially important for women shopping with children. Also, not only are they looking for a clean, safe store, they are also looking for kid-friendly offerings, as well as healthier options, not only for their children, but for themselves. Three Distinguishing Characteristics of Female C-store Shoppers 2/8/18.

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