What is a Heatmap and What Can it Tell You?

Originally published on Forbes.com

At its most basic, heat mapping uses security camera images (or other observation methods) to illustrate the hot and dead zones in a store. Generally, red areas indicate spots where many customers have been present, while green spots signify lower traffic.

For example, such insights may lead retailers to move fixtures in order to reduce bottlenecks and increase traffic around promotional displays. Operators can use A/B testing to see whether in-store placement or some factor such as pricing, quality or marketing message is behind a dead zone or slow seller.

What information can heatmaps provide?

  1. Realtime Customer Tracking: Where do your customers stop? Pause? What do they pass by?
  2. Improve Store Design: Design your product placement based on areas that your customers are attracted to.
  3. Reduce Store Abandonment: Discover how many of your consumers leave your store after visiting which areas and reduce abandonment by changing up store layout.

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