What is Frictionless Shopping and How Will It Impact Your Retail Business?

Originally published on swiftlocalsolutions.com

What is frictionless shopping?

The concept of frictionless shopping is the idea of connecting buyers and sellers in a way that provides consumers the ability to instantly find the products or services they need. Frictionless shopping means consumers are in control. As the concept has evolved, along with technology, consumers now expect to have this experience via their smartphones.

In addition, frictionless shopping means eliminating anything that doesn’t add value and negatively impacts the consumer experience. Examples include requiring consumers to dig out loyalty cards or wait for paper receipts to print.

How will frictionless shopping impact retailers?

One of the most important elements of the frictionless shopping experience for retailers is a smooth mobile checkout process. Forms should be mobile-friendly and easy for consumers to complete. Minimize the authentication process by allowing third-party or fingerprint touch login. Make it easy for customers to find help via live chat, by calling, or with FAQs.

Remember that your customers want to do business with retailers who understand the value of their time. Given the choice between standing in line at a checkout counter versus scanning a barcode on their smartphone, it’s easy to predict which experience is going to win in that battle. To be competitive, be sure you’re giving your consumers what they want: a frictionless shopping experience.

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