What’s in store for Summer?

Despite the steady, slight increase of gasoline prices as we approach summer, consumers are feeling optimistic about the U.S. Economy according to NACS’ Consumer Fuels Survey.

According to the survey, nearly 50% of drivers in the North East USA report a positive outlook, compared to around 44% of drivers at this time last year.

The summer season unofficially kicks off on Memorial Day weekend. It’s been a little cold on the east coast, but if gas prices stay low, consumers may be motivated to travel regardless.

When consumers are feeling more positively about the state of the economy, it naturally results in many people feeling more confident about spending money. Whereas in times of economic uncertainty, consumers may skip the family vacation or opt for a ‘staycation’ instead of driving a distance, a happier outlook on the summer will make consumers feel comfortable with spending money on non-necessities.

If consumers are on the road, fuel is a necessity for both vehicles and travelers. If your location has gas pumps, the customers will be drawn to them by necessity. Why not try to get them to come inside while they’re at it?

Meet your customers at their current location—notify them of your store’s offerings while they’re at the pumps with signage or pump toppers. Traveling customers will be motivated by quick meals to-go or cold beverageand-meal combos.

Don’t forget to bring out the frozen beverages! The summer is the perfect time to ramp up your slush offerings, frozen coffee, or smoothie options. Offering promotions, limited time flavors, or highlighting them with colorful advertisements in the parking lot are great ways to boost sales in the summer months.

Source: Csnews.com Punch Up Your C-store Game March 23, 2017.

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