Increase Revenue with Cooper Booth Wholesale Promotions, Programs and by Attending Our Trade Show

Trade Show

Our annual trade show offers you opportunities to visit with our manufacturers. It is a buying show with profit driving special promotions, new products and programs. Exciting prizes and special incentives make our trade show unlike any you have ever attended.

Seasonal Merchandise Pre-Book

Early ordering for special holiday and seasonal merchandise ensures your items will be in stock.

Retail Rewards Program

Reward yourself by earning points to win a fabulous vacation when you purchase products from participating vendors.

Retail Accrual Program

Earn extra profits in our rebate accrual program. Our system will automatically track your purchases...

Retailer Advantage Promotional Flyer

Features new items, special manufacturer allowances and new programs each month.

Product News

This weekly newsletter updates you on information regarding products and programs. Product pack changes, new items, item suspensions, program notes and manufacturer notices are all included in this newsletter.

Merchandising Solutions

Category Merchandising Solutions

First Out Program

You will automatically receive one to two hot new items each month.